From the monthly archives: December 2011

One of the First few Custom-made terrarium that we had created. Perfect size for a white collar working desk, be in SOHO or in an office. Offices in Singapore generally has temperatures of around 26 degree and ample indoor light. Perfect conditions for a terrarium.

Raw and natural looking, y'all…..

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Venus flytraps used to be a mysterious plant to me, one that seems to be the most difficult plant to grow and, needless to say, impossible to propagate. These ideas of mine quickly becomes inmaterial after I got my VFT 6 months back. After a few months after, I begin to see new leave growths […]

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Wonders Of Venus Flytrap

On December 5, 2011 By

Venus Flytraps are really interesting plants to keep. Not just that they have moving part, it actually behaves like a pseudo-animal

They eat like an oppurtunistic animal and requires as much water as a normal plant. Waste management is only a matter of releasing carbon dioxide; no solid waste and not even pungent methane.

When […]

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Carnivorous plants are good candidates for terrarium in general.

Carnivorous plants generally require moist, warm and sunny environment to thrive in. A closed terrarium naturally provide the first two criteria. A sunny environment is abit tricky. While there are LED lighting designed specifically to aid plant growth, putting the terrarium in an outdoor setting will […]

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