From the monthly archives: April 2011

Picture says a thousand words. In this case, using charts will better explain all the 'technical' aspects for those of you whom are interested in know how a terrarium works.

We are going to go through the water cycle in a terrarium's ecosystem.

Starting from the plant itself:

Plant Transpires – This means the exchange […]

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We had a fun time getting to know our customers and potential customers over the last weekend at Orchard Central Basement 2.

We had brought some new products and kept all designs clean, natural and very clear. 

To all of you, see you at Orchard Central @ a different level to be […]

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The most common question we got when we do roadshow is "Can the plant really grow in the bottle?"

To debunk all skeptical critics and also to educate the truly interested people, we have compiled a 4 parts series on Terrarium Ecosystem.

This series is part of BottledPlants' establishment:

To educate […]

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We like you to check us out, really.

Do it now at Orchard Central Basement 2 from 16-17 April!

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Yes, my name is not easy to remember hence my friends call me nervy or mosaic because of my unique netted appearance.

I come from South America and my ancestors are widely found in the tropical rainforests.

Although sunlight is my friend, but too much of its direct warmness will makes me feel giddy […]

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It was raining the whole day that day and I was out. The potted plants that were sitting nicely on the floor and on the racks were totally immersed in the rain water.

As you know, these pots have been […]

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