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Website upgrading

On March 31, 2011 By

We have just completed a round of website upgrading work. Major upgrades include:

Included a policy link at the footer link. We will incorporate policy information in sidebar for Store and Shopping bag pages in our future upgrade Showing logo for SSL badge on Store and Shopping Bag pages only. This is to remove as […]

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We have just revitalised and revamped our About Us page.

We have considered for a long time how should we inform you on what we really feel about why we are doing what we are doing at BottledPlants.

You will be surprised that you are facing the same situation after reading our About Us […]

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I heard all so many times people saying that it is so hard to grow cactus, even if they heard that they are supposed to be easy to care.

Well, what they heard is correct. Cacti are hardy plants that grows in WATER STARVED condition. 

Most people treat their cactus like a normal plant and […]

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My goodness! There is something white powdery, cotton wool-like thing that has invaded my plant in its bottle!! The once beautiful nerve plant looked sick and weak now. Its striking red color no longer exists. 🙁

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Nature has been the source of healing for both the body and soul, and also the symbol of life. It might be unknown to you but in the world of living things, all of us are connected in a way or another.

Research has proven this and shown that […]

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It may not come to you as obvious, but every one of us has an innate instinct to love plants; it is not an acquired taste but it comes naturally which has got to do with bonding with the mother of nature.

Plants are not just an ornament […]

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Ooouch! Mummmy!

I’m sure many of you have been painfully pricked by cactus during some point in your life.

Now that you have recalled the painful episode, how does it feel? Not so good, i suppose, so what would you do to prevent that from happening again?

Use a clear vase to contain any cactus. […]

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Ever heard that our bodies need good bacteria to stay healthy by assisting us in breaking down our food?
The same saying applies to plants.

Rhizobium, one of the good bacteria is the main path where plants receive nutrients. This Rhizobium has the capability to blend nitrogen with oxygen to create ammonia which […]

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