From the monthly archives: February 2011

Decorating your house with some touch of foliage beautifies your home and purifies the air at the same time.

In this century, air pollutants are all around us may lead to minor discomfort to critical health problems.

If you have asthma or any of your family members have respiratory problems, keeping the surrounding […]

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How can you relieve stress?

On February 27, 2011 By

Ever wonder why the colours and textures of the foliage surprises you, make you smile and even slow down your pace to admire them? Well, that’s because beautiful things attracts our visions and besides that, they also relax our mind too.

Plants, besides beautifying your home or offices, they also relieve our stress from […]

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I would sat it it quite obvious when it comes to plant selection and the variety of plant for a bottled terrarium: the more variety, the better it gets.

The most important reason is that it helps your plants, all of it, to thrive better. Different plants have different needs in terms of nutrient […]

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Plants are accountable for the presence of oxygen, a gas needed for most organisms who currently inhabit our planet and need it to breath. These organisms have also contribution to the formation of Ozone, a gas that is produced by the action of sunlight on oxygen and this Ozone creates a layer in the atmosphere […]

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What is a plant terrarium??

On February 18, 2011 By

A plant terrarium refers to an enclosed environment which is made to hold small plants in controlled conditions in the form to mimic that of a desert or rainforest. In the contained condition, the plants within will self generate a recycle process and reproduce moisture hence they need very little attention.

Plant terrarium is an ideal […]

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  "Evolving from a Garden City into a City in a Garden” That was what mentioned during the Singapore Garden Festival Awards in 2006.

Four years later in July 2010 together with some 300,000 visitors, I attended the Singapore Garden Festival (SGF) at Suntec City and witnessed the garden show in the tropics that were brought […]

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Earthworm in my bottle!

On February 16, 2011 By

Eww! There is an earthworm in my terrarium!

Now now, why are you so afraid of it? If there is earthworm in your bottle, most likely the soil is often moist. And if the soil is often moist, it is most likely a fern terrarium. And our fern terrariums are usually covered completely.

No earthworm […]

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Do not fertilize!

On February 13, 2011 By

If you have the slightest intention to fertilize your terrarium, stop.

Don't ever think about giving nutrient to your bottle plants! There is a reason why we own a bottle plant, and it is because of the low maintenance involved. Well, this is not really a reason why I refrain you from doing […]

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