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Picture says a thousand words. In this case, using charts will better explain all the 'technical' aspects for those of you whom are interested in know how a terrarium works.

We are going to go through the water cycle in a terrarium's ecosystem.

Starting from the plant itself:

Plant Transpires – This means the exchange […]

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Yes, my name is not easy to remember hence my friends call me nervy or mosaic because of my unique netted appearance.

I come from South America and my ancestors are widely found in the tropical rainforests.

Although sunlight is my friend, but too much of its direct warmness will makes me feel giddy […]

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I heard all so many times people saying that it is so hard to grow cactus, even if they heard that they are supposed to be easy to care.

Well, what they heard is correct. Cacti are hardy plants that grows in WATER STARVED condition. 

Most people treat their cactus like a normal plant and […]

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Water to us comes in different forms. There are mineral water, tap water, distiller water, reverse osmosis water as well as totally untreated waste water.

Plants, like us, have distinct taste for water. However to them, different types of water could be a life and death matter.

Plants need certain salt ( I will […]

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Every body loves cactus because of it’s exoticism and also its ease of maintenance. For

Lightly water your plant. Now this is tricky because even thought cactus lives in climates that do not receive frequent rain, it would get a heavy dose of it once it does. We cannot give it a hearty dose of […]

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