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Once a while you got an order that you need to fulfill in less than a few days.

This got me excited most of the time. Especially it is for the special occasion either between the giver and recipient or the recipient herself. Well I got this order last week and I posted the done […]

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Venus flytraps used to be a mysterious plant to me, one that seems to be the most difficult plant to grow and, needless to say, impossible to propagate. These ideas of mine quickly becomes inmaterial after I got my VFT 6 months back. After a few months after, I begin to see new leave growths […]

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Wonders Of Venus Flytrap

On December 5, 2011 By

Venus Flytraps are really interesting plants to keep. Not just that they have moving part, it actually behaves like a pseudo-animal

They eat like an oppurtunistic animal and requires as much water as a normal plant. Waste management is only a matter of releasing carbon dioxide; no solid waste and not even pungent methane.

When […]

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Coming December, you will be seeing new designs that will blow your mind away.

Keep coming back for more info…

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Potted Gardens Vs Bottle Gardens

Needs a wider space in home

Terrarium are more space saving

Dead leaves are commonly falling off from the plants

Plants in the terrarium almost never experience dead or withering leaves as […]

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Air, Water, Heat and Land – The art of terrarium is like a biosphere that supports life and its long term benefits for us and future generation…


Visualise a small eco garden right in your house!


"The place on Earth's surface where life dwells." – Eduard Suess […]

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Join us @ Bishan Active this Sunday, 28 August 2011 for an eventful experience!

CATALYSTIC @ Bishan Active is a carnival organised by a group of students from Raffles Institution, Hwa Chong Institution, National […]

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Class, please quiet down….

Today we are going to talk about…..

"Man…this is so boring….", said your left brain to your right brain…..

Well if this happens to you, probably you don't need another biology lesson. A terrarium is supposed to give you joy and relaxation while enjoying it, that's why we […]

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