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Class, please quiet down….

Today we are going to talk about…..

"Man…this is so boring….", said your left brain to your right brain…..

Well if this happens to you, probably you don't need another biology lesson. A terrarium is supposed to give you joy and relaxation while enjoying it, that's why we […]

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What is a plant terrarium??

On February 18, 2011 By

A plant terrarium refers to an enclosed environment which is made to hold small plants in controlled conditions in the form to mimic that of a desert or rainforest. In the contained condition, the plants within will self generate a recycle process and reproduce moisture hence they need very little attention.

Plant terrarium is an ideal […]

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Every body loves cactus because of it’s exoticism and also its ease of maintenance. For

Lightly water your plant. Now this is tricky because even thought cactus lives in climates that do not receive frequent rain, it would get a heavy dose of it once it does. We cannot give it a hearty dose of […]

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