The most common question we got when we do roadshow is "Can the plant really grow in the bottle?"

To debunk all skeptical critics and also to educate the truly interested people, we have compiled a 4 parts series on Terrarium Ecosystem.

This series is part of BottledPlants' establishment:

To educate […]

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Nature has been the source of healing for both the body and soul, and also the symbol of life. It might be unknown to you but in the world of living things, all of us are connected in a way or another.

Research has proven this and shown that […]

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The current haze that is blowing from Indonesia towards their poor Malaysia and Singapore neighbours are making everyone gloomy.

Everyone is looking for some sort of respite by getting air purifyers, N95 masks or staying more time in an airconditioned area.

One way to beat the gloom is to get […]

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Once a while you got an order that you need to fulfill in less than a few days.

This got me excited most of the time. Especially it is for the special occasion either between the giver and recipient or the recipient herself. Well I got this order last week and I posted the done […]

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One of the First few Custom-made terrarium that we had created. Perfect size for a white collar working desk, be in SOHO or in an office. Offices in Singapore generally has temperatures of around 26 degree and ample indoor light. Perfect conditions for a terrarium.

Raw and natural looking, y'all…..

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Venus flytraps used to be a mysterious plant to me, one that seems to be the most difficult plant to grow and, needless to say, impossible to propagate. These ideas of mine quickly becomes inmaterial after I got my VFT 6 months back. After a few months after, I begin to see new leave growths […]

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Wonders Of Venus Flytrap

On December 5, 2011 By

Venus Flytraps are really interesting plants to keep. Not just that they have moving part, it actually behaves like a pseudo-animal

They eat like an oppurtunistic animal and requires as much water as a normal plant. Waste management is only a matter of releasing carbon dioxide; no solid waste and not even pungent methane.

When […]

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Carnivorous plants are good candidates for terrarium in general.

Carnivorous plants generally require moist, warm and sunny environment to thrive in. A closed terrarium naturally provide the first two criteria. A sunny environment is abit tricky. While there are LED lighting designed specifically to aid plant growth, putting the terrarium in an outdoor setting will […]

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Yes you heard it right.

Few months back we set it as one of our target: To hit top 1 million website on Alexa website ranking chart by end of this year.

Ranked 955,992 as at 27th November 2011

We are also roughly top 10k websites in Singapore ( again based on Alexa)

We are […]

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