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Wonders Of Venus Flytrap

On December 5, 2011 By

Venus Flytraps are really interesting plants to keep. Not just that they have moving part, it actually behaves like a pseudo-animal

They eat like an oppurtunistic animal and requires as much water as a normal plant. Waste management is only a matter of releasing carbon dioxide; no solid waste and not even pungent methane.

When […]

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Join us @ Bishan Active this Sunday, 28 August 2011 for an eventful experience!

CATALYSTIC @ Bishan Active is a carnival organised by a group of students from Raffles Institution, Hwa Chong Institution, National […]

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Class, please quiet down….

Today we are going to talk about…..

"Man…this is so boring….", said your left brain to your right brain…..

Well if this happens to you, probably you don't need another biology lesson. A terrarium is supposed to give you joy and relaxation while enjoying it, that's why we […]

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Picture says a thousand words. In this case, using charts will better explain all the 'technical' aspects for those of you whom are interested in know how a terrarium works.

We are going to go through the water cycle in a terrarium's ecosystem.

Starting from the plant itself:

Plant Transpires – This means the exchange […]

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We had a fun time getting to know our customers and potential customers over the last weekend at Orchard Central Basement 2.

We had brought some new products and kept all designs clean, natural and very clear. 

To all of you, see you at Orchard Central @ a different level to be […]

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The most common question we got when we do roadshow is "Can the plant really grow in the bottle?"

To debunk all skeptical critics and also to educate the truly interested people, we have compiled a 4 parts series on Terrarium Ecosystem.

This series is part of BottledPlants' establishment:

To educate […]

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We like you to check us out, really.

Do it now at Orchard Central Basement 2 from 16-17 April!

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Website upgrading

On March 31, 2011 By

We have just completed a round of website upgrading work. Major upgrades include:

Included a policy link at the footer link. We will incorporate policy information in sidebar for Store and Shopping bag pages in our future upgrade Showing logo for SSL badge on Store and Shopping Bag pages only. This is to remove as […]

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