What we Offer…

  • Ready-made off the shelf Terrariums
  • Custom-made Terrariums. Contact us for details.
  • Corporate plant gifts ranging from employee gifts, superior gifts and corporate client gifts.Contact us for details.
  • Company wide plants placement packages with option to include maintenance services

Our Birth…

In this fast pacing evolution, many of us are buried with tensions, relentlessly chasing after materialism and at the same time, pacing ourselves against the swift changes around us.

Unknowingly, we neglected this “secret garden” in our hearts which started to withers and turned into a garden of emptiness. We do not feel as joyful and have much delighted memories as much as before. At times, we grow all our melancholy in this “secret garden” where we constantly take walks within, sometimes losing our directions in it.

At BottledPlants we believe that plants smile, grow giggles and harvest love. Mother Nature has a natural healing power that feeds a few doses of fertiliser to our “secret garden”, hence maintaining a natural balance and keeps it strong and healthy.

BottledPlants is germinated to bringing you the benefits of having Mother Nature right in your hands and connecting it with the “secret garden” in your heart.

We hope to propagate a plant of hope in you so that you can grow wealth in your emotional bank and in return, propagating it to others, especially your loved ones.

Whenever and wherever are the right conditions, and with a little nurturing from BottledPlants, we have faith that it will soon make an impact in your “secret garden”, flourishing it and renewing your life.

Do check out our blog for articles on the kindness of Kingdom Plantae!

Keep on thriving!!


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