Venus flytraps used to be a mysterious plant to me, one that seems to be the most difficult plant to grow and, needless to say, impossible to propagate. These ideas of mine quickly becomes inmaterial after I got my VFT 6 months back. After a few months after, I begin to see new leave growths not coming from the main stalk, but from an adjacent plot next to the main stalk.

Last month, I realised the pot is getting messy, with 3 new sprouting area. At the same time, alot of the leaves are growth thin and long and turning black soon after developed fully.

This doesn't stop my ever fidgety hands from wanting to 'sort it out'. So I did the following:

  1. Sanitise several smaller plastic pots with diluted bleach solution.
  2. Fill the base with burned clay.
  3. Fill the rest of pot with peat moss and prepare a centre hole for the seperated VFT to fit in.
  4. Remove the whole VFT together with the peat moss from the old pot.
  5. Carefully hand remove loose moss from the plant until you can see the VFT bulbs
  6. With hands firmly hold onto the parent plant and the off shoots, peal away the off shoot from the main plant
  7. Insert the seperated bulb into the new pot
  8. Push the bulb all the way into the moss, until the light green portion of the bulb is fully covered.
  9. Give the new pot a good watering

So far all four bulbs have shown new leaves and I am very happy with the progress each pot had made. Will be monitoring it and keep you posted with photos next time.


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