I heard all so many times people saying that it is so hard to grow cactus, even if they heard that they are supposed to be easy to care.

Well, what they heard is correct. Cacti are hardy plants that grows in WATER STARVED condition. 

Most people treat their cactus like a normal plant and try to give it too much water, too frequently. If you had been watching cartoon when you were young, you would have come across Speedy Gonzales  and Wile E Coyote running around in desert filled with cacti. Desert is a landscape which receives very infrequent rainfall, but when it rains, it rains heavily. Cactus thrives in this type of situation and thus they like to be watered infrequently ( say 1-2 weeks once) but have a large amount of water when watered. That said, do have a well drained soil if you want to follow the above. Otherwise, if your cactus is living in a terrarium environment, you just have to water it enough so as not to flood the soil/sand that they reside in.

Sometimes cartoons can teach you a thing or two. Have fun with your exotics and keep thriving!

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