Nature has been the source of healing for both the body and soul, and also the symbol of life. It might be unknown to you but in the world of living things, all of us are connected in a way or another.

Research has proven this and shown that by looking at foliages can reduce blood pressure. In another research study shown, patients in the hospital, with next to the window of nature would need fewer painkillers, require less assistance from their nurses or amazingly recuperate faster!

Ever observe that you inhale deeply when you are taking a morning walk in the hill top feeling refreshed as compared to hoping that you can hold your breath while walking next to the street of traffic? Besides enriching our emotional spirit, plants give off oxygen and absorb air pollutant and airborne chemical toxics. They work hard to clean up the air around us so that we could breathe better. Hence the air in the higher level or in the hill top or forestry nature would contain fresher air for us to breathe.

Plants are also the best remedy to relieving stress at work instantly. You must be wondering how a still plant in a pot, or vase, or bottle would create an impact to calm us down. Humans by nature are visual and sensitive to scents. Aromatherapy, which is the practice of extracting volatile plant oils for psychological and physical well-being has always been generally use by stressed or anxiety people. For those who chooses the more natural way of healing, scent from, example, the chamomile or lavender plant would equally offers you the calming and relieving effects. They are not as strong as aroma oil, yet giving out the natural scent in a mile and calm way too to heal your mind.

It does not take us to plot a land in order to bring us tranquility to our chaotic, stress-filled life. You can choose a small plant and place it on your desk. It will serve its purpose of reminding you that you should slow down slightly, inhale deeply, pause for a while in whatever you are doing. Just by take a glance at it, plants can also remind you that beauty of life takes time to grow and cultivate. By watching it (plant) grow is empowering just like a new born under your care that has grown to become a healthy being.

So simply sit back and enjoy mother nature in your hands.

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