Every body loves cactus because of it’s exoticism and also its ease of maintenance. For

  1. Lightly water your plant. Now this is tricky because even thought cactus lives in climates that do not receive frequent rain, it would get a heavy dose of it once it does. We cannot give it a hearty dose of water as there is no place for water to runout.
  2. Water your bottle plant every 4-7 days
  3. Give your cactus garden strong sunlight at least once a week.
  4. Remove any dried up leaves. You don’t want the decomposing leaves to be a spawning pool for bad bacteria (there are of course good bacteria as well for plants).

One advantage of a terrarium setting like your bottle cactus garden is the need of negligence maintenance. You will be assured your plant will thrive when you follow the instructions.

Happy thriving!

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